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Examples of Dinner and Lunch Menus

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 Small Plate.

Nambucca River Oysters served natural

Asian Style with mirrin,pickled ginger,wasabi oil and coriander

Citrus cured crocodile carpaccio with crispy wontons and wasabi crème fraîche

Pasta of the day

Cheese and Macadamia nut beignets with local vegetables and native reductions

Fritto misto – king prawns, calamari and whiting fillets lightly dusted with semolina and lemon myrtle with a panzanella salad and aioli

Burrawong liver pate served with an apple salad, homemade onion relish with aniseed myrtle and toast

 Vegetable plate – locally sourced vegetables served with quinoa salad, bush spice dukkah, yoghurt lemon oil and Brook Farm lemon myrtle oil

Mushroom bruschetta with Parmesan

Big Plate.


Half a  Burrawong duck,double braised and served with  chilli, ginger and soy

Freshly Caught Local Fish served with today’s accompaniment.

Lemon myrtle smoked kangaroo loin with beetroot, carrots caramalised pear and a chocolate jus

Scallops served with cauliflower puree, salad, coconut and rooscuitto

Twice cooked pork belly with apples, potatoes and an Illawarra plum jus

Aabenraa Scotch beef fillet with fondant potatoes, pumpkin,local veg, pearl barley and a pepperberry jus

Milly Hill Lamb backstrap loin with salad dressed with guava and macadamia nut oil, green beans, puy lentils and a quandong jus


Side Orders

Mixed leaf salad with parmesan

Fresh local garden vegetables

Crispy garlic potatoes with an  aioli dipping sauce



Chocolate mousse flavoured with wattleseed and served with a raspberry sauce.

Creme Brulee of the day

Lime cous cous pearls with a vanilla wonton and ccreme fraiche

White Chocolate and pistachio nut bread and butter pudding.

Selection of Fine Cheeses

platter for one or more people

Served with flat bread, dried fruit, walnuts and our own spiced onion and aniseed myrtle chutney.

Our cheeses are constantly changing please ask the floor staff for today’s selection